The Best 15 AI Writing Chrome Extensions In 2023

The Best 15 AI Writing Chrome Extensions In 2023

Are you fed-up to do browsing for your writing? Do you need to enhance your writing experience? With the vast adoption in AI tools, the need for well-written articles also demanding. So, the AI Writing Chrome Extensions would enhance your power.

As in this digital world of 2023, online content is growing in value; it also requires sound knowledge and time to write creative and catchy content for users. It also demands more writers to create this content and requires more hiring costs this year. Here AI writing Chrome extensions in 2023 plays a significant role.

This provides convenience to Writer to Writer better with these extensions while saving up their precious time. We will discuss the best Chrome extension of 2023, which helps writers write better.

What Are AI Writing Chrome Extensions?

Ai Writing Chrome Extensions

A small software module that is designed to improve the performance and writing experience by leveraging artificial intelligence technology is the AI Chrome extension for writing. 

These AI writing Chrome extensions in 2023  assist users in generating high-quality content, providing grammar and style suggestions, optimizing SEO, and automating repetitive writing tasks. Enjoy AI in your workflow with these transformative Chrome extensions.

Top 15 Ai Writing Chrome Extensions Of 2023

Elevate your browsing experience with our selection of powerful AI Writing Chrome extensions in 2023.

LongShot AI Chrome Extension:

Can you edit the content manually on different web pages? Here this Chrome extension will help you. With this Chrome extension, you can edit the text in easy steps, which also doesn’t require any time. Just in few clicks , you can enhance your content.


  • You can rephrase many words without any context issues.
  • You can insert words between the sentences remaining in context. 
  • You can also summarize the paragraphs of more than 3k words.
  • If we talk about style, it also helps you to do changing in the content in tone.

Scalenut Chrome Extension

This AI writing assistant will help you write the best content with o% plagiarism quickly. With just one click, you can write content that is not even valuable but also saves you time.


  • In less time, it helps you with email creation, social media posts, reviews, and more.
  • It also allows you to rewrite the content efficiently.
  • You can expend specific words and sentences.
  • You can create readable content.


It allows users to edit and create content faster, being in tone. With this extension, amazingly, you can use their tools even in MS Word and Google search.


  • Jasper’s extension allows the creation of more readable content.
  • Jasper allows its users to use the extension anywhere, and it proves this by enabling users to use it even in MS Word or Google searches.
  • Supports 25+ languages.


Surfer SEO is a tool that prioritizes rankings of keywords and SEO content. Effortlessly analyze your content’s word count, grammar errors, keyword usage, and more with various tools.


  • Gains valuable insights into your content.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Optimize the content.
  • Flexible pricing options.


For bloggers, this ai tool for bloggers is just excellent in itself. It helps users to write blogs directly on WordPress and many other platforms like Google Docs and Grammarly. Also, it gives chance to improve your skills in writing. It is best for even beginners.


  • Create blog content.
  • Generate ad copies.
  • Make voiceovers.
  • Supports 70+ languages.


Need for high-quality content? Rytr is here for you. It produces unique content quickly. It is copywriting Chrome extension, which makes it an easier way to create stunning copies uniquely.


  • Wide range of templates.
  • Support 30+ languages.
  • Compose emails for sales and marketing.
  • Creates social media descriptions and captions.


This AI writing Chrome extensions in 2023 allows you to create content and automates article writing for you. It can generate email repliesUtilize AI-Generated Content For B2B for you in different tones features. The content it generates is error free. 


  • Tones features.
  • Error-free content.
  • Generates email replies.
  • Effortless writing.

Compose AI

The ultimate free AI writing Chrome extension. Turbocharge your writing speed, harness auto-complete functionality anywhere, and significantly reduce typing time. Effortlessly rephrase sentences and effortlessly draft emails from concise bullet points. Unlock the power of efficient and streamlined writing with Compose AI.


  • Sentence’s auto-completion.
  • Generates longer sentences from small phrases.
  • Rephrasing.


Quilbot offers the best UI to generate and summarize the content. It also comes with a grammar checker. Additionally, Quillbot also provides a range of modes for content creation.


  • Immediate access to the tool.
  • Variety of modes available.
  • Grammar checker available.
  • Doesn’t need to sign up.

HyperWrite Chrome Extension

Boost your writing efficiency with HyperWrite’s cutting-edge AI algorithms. Experience enhanced speed and quality as it assists you in generating content.

From overcoming Writer’s block to providing a jumpstart, HyperWrite empowers you to write better and faster. Let HyperWrite be your trusted companion for accomplishing your writing goals.


  • Faster writing.
  • Helpful suggestions.
  • Beat writer’s block.


This AI writing Chrome extension in 2023 will enables you to create long-form articles quickly. That’s not it; it checks the content and then sends it for publishing. 

With content, you can enjoy writing experience.


  • Generates many types of content in seconds.
  • 35+ fine-tuned AI tools in this tool.
  • Doesn’t need Writer’s block.

Copy AI:

Discover CopyAI, the ultimate solution for effortlessly crafting exceptional ad copy. This robust AI writing Chrome extension generates superior results in seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming research and laborious writing. Unlock the power of CopyAI to save time and easily create an outstanding copy.


  • More than 90 tools and templates are available.
  • Generates optimized blogs.


The best writing tool that also comes with Chrome extensions to enhance user experience and generates content in less time. It allows you to write differently with various tools and languages. Are you worried about errors? I think this tool’s generated content could be more error-free and well-written.


  • Allows rewriting of sentences and even words.
  • Generates readable content.
  • You can also shorten or expand phrases free without pricing.


Craft compelling and trustworthy captions effortlessly with this AI-powered Chrome extension. Create captivating content that adds value to your followers and boosts post engagement in just minutes.


  • Creates catchy posts.
  • Supports many platforms.


The last best, last tool we are offering to you is Grammarly. It’s a fantastic tool and has been adopted by many writers and typical audiences worldwide to enhance their English skills.


  • Grammar and spelling checks.
  • Suggestions for words.
  • Different tones are available.
  • User preferences setting for the specific content.
  • Shows content readability score with other options as well.


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What is the AI Chrome extension for writing faster?

If we talk about faster AI Chrome extension for better writing, compose AI that helps you write faster.


Elevate your writing game with the top 15 AI writing Chrome extensions in 2023. These powerful tools empower you to create high-quality content, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity. These extensions revolutionize the writing process, from generating compelling ad copy to improving grammar and style.

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of AI-driven assistance as you unlock new levels of creativity and professionalism. Embrace these cutting-edge extensions to transform your writing and stay ahead in the digital landscape.

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